Create a successful e-Commerce store that captures customers and nurtures repeat business.

What is an e-Commerce platform?

This is just a term to describe the web software that handles all of the product content, pricing, order management, stock etc..

Example e-Commerce platforms that we are familiar working with are: WooCommerce, NopCommerce, Magento & Shopify.

We will recommend which platform we believe is right for you based on your requirement. If you have a need or a specific platform then as long as it is a stable reputable system we can work with it to develop your ecommerce site.

Should I use an existing e-Commerce platform or create my own?

Best to use a platform that is pre-built and then customize it to your needs.

The advantages are that a popular premade platform will have had all the bugs and performance issues sorted out.

Sometimes, however, you may need a customised functionality that is excessively difficult to build on top of existing platforms or wish to completely own the intellectual property of all code. These are fairly rare but building a new ecommerce site from scratch would be the best option.

Which e-Commerce platform is right for me?

For the majority of small startup sites WooCommerce is perfect. The low setup costs are ideal and it is easy to use. It can handle a reasonable amount of orders before the database needs maintenance.

If you want something at a higher level and designed to be used on a much larger scale, NopCommerce or Magento are a good choice. They are more complicated and time consuming to set up, hence will cost more.

Third party hosted services such as Shopify can be used on either a small or large scale but might not offer the exact functionality you require.

We start an e-Commerce project by taking your exact requirements and how you wish it to operate before we recommend which platform to use.

How do I accept payments online?

You can accept payments online through bank transfer, direct debit, credit or debit cards, bitcoins or third party services that hold their own balances such as PayPal.

Which service is right for you depends on your circumstances. You will need a merchant account to receive payments and a processing service that processes the payment. Some services will double up as both merchant account and processor which can be convenient and cheaper at first but if scaled up can limit your ability to shop around for better rates.

We can advise on which service meets your requirements and help with negotiating better processing rates.

What is PCI compliance and do I have to worry about it?

If your website stores credit card details or you use a virtual terminal to take credit card payments over the phone you will need to go through PCI compliance.

PCI compliance is a series of steps to ensure that you are using the right procedures to secure customer’s credit card details. How this is done will affect what level of PCI compliance you require.

If your payment processing service uses their own servers to handle the transactions and no credit card details are stored on your site then PCI compliance is not required.

We can build stores that do not require PCI compliance as well as fully PCI compliant ones depending on what you need.

How do I manage my products & orders?

You will have access to a control panel where you can easily add or remove products and view your orders.

The exact details of the control panel will vary depending on which e-Commerce platform your site is built upon.

How do I market my e-Commerce site?

There are numerous ways to market an e-Commerce site. We will create product feeds for the search engines that will list your inventory on product searches.

Our online marketing service will drive new customers to your site and we will give you advice and tools that allow you to nurture repeat business and upsell your existing customers to increase your profits.

How do I optimise my e-Commerce site?

Firstly we will incorporate your site into analytics software that shows us exactly what the flow of traffic through your site looks like. From there we will identify the point where carts are abandoned or visitors bounce without buying and suggest ways to adjust site structure and recover abandoned carts so that less sales are lost.

How do I provide customer service through my site?

We can configure a ticket system and/or livechat to give your customers access to a support agent. We also provide offshore customer services management should you want to offer support but not have the resources in-house to do so.