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What is “Responsive Design”?

A responsive website is a website that adapts properly to the size of the device being used to view it. This means that if a user wants to view your site on a mobile phone then the layout, text size, images and navigation will adapt to be easily usable without zooming in or horizontal scrolling. The site will be optimised for every different devices screen size.

Why should I optimise my website for mobile phones?

Simply put, it will get you more business.

Google wants their users to have a good mobile experience. A website that is not responsive will be automatically detected by Google and given less preference in the search engines so that their users are more often shown websites that offer a good mobile experience.

Google penalize sites that are not mobile optimised. Your Google rankings & the conversion rate of your site will be dramatically affected by not having a properly optimised responsive website.

Beyond that, your customers who do try to use your site with their mobile phone will not enjoy the experience and move on to the next site. An unoptimised site gives a poor professional image of your company.

How else can I optimise my users mobile experience?

Our designs follow conventions that your users will be instantly familiar with and be able to intuitively use your site.

We can also analyse how your users are navigating your site and consuming your content. From this we can identify areas that are causing issues and provide insights on how to restructure the mobile version of your site in order to make the user experience better.

What is a conversion rate and why should I care?

Your conversion rate is the number of people who carry out the desired action on a page. This could be filling out your contact form, making a phone call or buying a product. The percentage of people that do the thing you want them to do is your conversion rate.

Things as simple as the title of a page can have a big effect on conversions. Having a site that is hard to read and navigate lowers conversions significantly. By getting a good mobile experience on your site you will increase the amount of business you do from your existing traffic.

What does mobile optimisation involve?

We will assess each case individually but generally speaking we will either adapt your current design by adding some additional code or create a brand new “mobile first” design.

What is “Mobile First” design?

Mobile first design means that we start with the mobile design and then progressively load the extra assets needed for a larger screen. This means that you not only have a good mobile experience but larger images and unnecessary elements do not load and take up your users data which they may be charged for if they are not on an unlimited plan.

A site that is designed for the large screen first will hide the larger images and bigger website elements when on a mobile but they will still load in the background and consume data because it was not designed for mobile first.

How much does it cost?

Our rate for responsive design work is £35/hr. We will assess exactly what you want to be done and provide you with a detailed estimate. If you are looking for a base package price then a standard 5 page responsive brochure site will cost £695 for a full response design and code implementation.