Capture customers with powerful video presentations

What video services do you offer?

We provide video editing and animation services. We can build new graphical assets or use existing assets in our motion art.

We do not provide onsite video production but are happy to recommend a production team to capture any footage for your video and we can source stock footage on your behalf.

What are assets?

An asset is anything that we use inside the video. It could be an image, footage, transition or effect.

We can create assets from scratch ensuring a completely unique piece or license existing assets from the top professionals in the industry.

What is stock footage?

Stock footage is pre-recorded video that can be licensed for re-use in your own productions. It is very useful for padding presentations, and using a lot of stock footage can make your videos appear generic. Ultimately, whether or not to use stock footage is usually a budgetary concern. Getting a happy balance between custom and pre-made assets is the best way to produce a good effect for a reasonable price.

What affects the cost of a video?

Video projects vary widely in scale. At the low end there will be small edits to existing footage or the editing of a pre-made video template, and at the high end it could mean a full scale production with camera crew, copywriters, storyboards, graphical & motion artists and video editors.

We are able to achieve some very good results on a tight budget by using video templates and pre-made assets but are also capable of creating truly unique pieces. The more assets needed to be created from scratch and the more people needing to be dedicated to the project raise the costs of production.

Where should I host my online video?

For business video hosting Amazon S3 or Vimeo are good services that are very cost effective and scale well.

Using a third party dedicated service like those above is generally recommended for simplicity but should you wish to host videos yourself we can create a load balanced server network for distributing your organization's video content.